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White Structure

Redpoll Media

Redpoll Media announces the upcoming publication of A DOORWAY IN TUNIS, the memoir of an American family who wander the Muslim world, hiding from the U.S. authorities.


A Doorway in Tunis:

Memoir of a Fugitive Family in Muslim Lands

Aisha F. Saidi
Author Blog

Why does a young, white woman from a middle-class family reject American culture, become Muslim, marry an incarcerated Black American man, and then - with her three young children - follow him to North Africa after his escape from prison? This memoir is her effort to answer these questions and tell the story of her family’s itinerant life in the Muslim world...

 About the Author

Aisha F. Saidi has had a varied career in teaching English, technical writing, computational linguistics, and raising her five children. Outside of her PhD thesis in applied linguistics, this memoir is her first foray into writing a book. Now living in rural New England, she treasures immersing herself in nature and meditating.

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